Louisiana Song (Marc N Davidson)

Second Wind

Acoustical band based out of Long Beach, California, composed of Marc Davidson (vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica), Pattie Davidson (vocals, bass), Dave Noferi (accordion), and Tom Gallo (drums and mandolin)

New Road Crossing

Acoustical group based out of Long Beach, California, performing original music, and composed of Marc Davidson (vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica), Pattie Davidson (vocals, bass, guitar), and Brian Bradshaw (vocals, guitar)

Marc and Pattie

Marc and Pattie Davidson performing together for over 48 years

Photo credits:  Jean-Michel Machut (Second Wind), Ren D'Anelli (New Road Crossing), Bernard Beck (Marc and Pattie), Ellen Butler (Second Wind, Marc and Pattie)